Speaking about shelved albums…

Weren’t we? No? Let’s talk about them anyway. I was reading about (and listening to HA!) Prince’s veritable treasure chest of shelved albums (such as Dream Factory, Camille, Crystal Ball, etc.), lamenting how I wish I had time to record enough music to say I had a shelved album, when I suddenly remembered: I do!

In 2004 I was commissioned to–and thus recorded–an album called Lust, Love, and Loss for an international label that will remain nameless, since we’re still friends. If I remember correctly, I had a fierce deadline and it took me four months, two singers, and three studios to make its 11 tracks.

I presented this album to the label to have it summarily rejected a few days later, but they told me to try again. So I spent another three weeks rewriting and remixing and gave them Lust, Love, and Loss 2.0 (a slightly weaker version in my opinion, looking back), only to have it rejected again. They told me to try again, but by this time I told them there was no point so we might as well cancel it.

The problem was I saw no point in doing a Suges album that was all house.

I’ve been into house since I was a teenager and have been making it professionally for ten years, and I would never listen to an album that was pure house music for 80 minutes, unless it was a DJ set. I don’t think the genre works in your typical album concept (with 10 songs or so separated by silent gaps) and, since I was capable of producing other styles of music, I felt they should be on there if you really want a Suges album.

In any case, that was six years ago and I’m actually glad it happened. In order to keep my release schedule up to its current frequency I have been releasing singles off of it in between fresh productions. I’m only bringing this up now because I’ve run out of material from that album! So now you know.

The obvious question: what songs were on it that this label rejected?

  • Do With You ~ released on Plusgroove Records and then re-released on Soulstream
  • I’ll Be There ~ released on Iwanai Records and then re-released on Soulstream
  • Someone Else ~ released on Soulstream and BBB Records
  • Without Me ~ released on Soulstream

and, of course…

  • We Belong To The Night ~ which, of course, became Party Hard by Donae’o

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