Suges ~ We Belong To The Night

The song we started Soulstream Records with became a serious anthem around the world…and became my most-sampled/stolen/interpolated song of all time. We used to find songs ripping off my licks on our own…then fans started emailing us about them…then once we got past 20 we just stopped counting. What can I say? ‘Glad it inspires you, fellow producers!’ hahah.

But, like, did anyone listen to the damn words I wrote? It’s supposed to be the “deep house manifesto”. Meh. No one listens to words, I know.

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On this eve we solemnly declare
In celebration with dance and drum,
Melody and voice:
We belong to the night.

We have been elsewhere,
Seen other things,

But none were good and pure
Like the night.

And when others ask,
“What is it about the night
That consumes us so?”
We are at a loss for words.
Apologizing for the cliche we answer,
“It’s a spiritual thing,

A communal thing,
A tribal thing.”

Free men and women,
Willing slaves only to the drum.
Far from a heathen rite,

We dance in unison before God,
To celebrate the life and mobility
With which He has blessed us.

To display with pride
That we unite despite our differences,
We unite because of our differences,
And that we have not–and will never–

Let the negativity of the world beset us,

Because we belong to the night.

The others? They’ll never understand.
As they blindly chase their symbols
Of greed and self-hatred,

Wage war upon one another
And gloat over their small victories.

And wonder (alone in the night)
Why they feel so empty,

So discontented,
So unfulfilled.

Be ever wary, for they will try
To put you down, turn you away,

Convince our way of life is hedonistic,


They will convince themselves the only things
That bring us together are drugs and sex.

And the will go through life
Learning nothing,
Changing nothing,

Loving nothing,
Meaning nothing.

But not us,
We remain strong.

The last line of defence.
The disciples of dance,
The partisans of unity.

Across the lines of faith and colour,
Gender and orientation,

Belief and creed,

We belong to the night.

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